May 12, 2020
Miami 20/20

Where there is no vision people perish and there is no direction. Vision is God’s perspective of the future. This past Sunday, we introduced the vision of our ministry for the next three years.


What is Miami 20/20?
  • 20/20 represents perfect vision
  • It is our plan for the next three years as a ministry 


Why is this important?
  • We need to prepare our ministry to receive the end time mega harvest.


What will Miami look like in the next three years?
  • Houses of peace filled with people throughout the neighborhoods.
  • Disciples impacting every area of society.
  • King Jesus in many locations. Campuses spread throughout every territory of Miami


How will we accomplish God’s vision for Miami?
  • Evangelize
  • Affirm
  • Disciple
  • Send


How can you become part of King Jesus?
  • Begin here – through houses of peace
  • Grow here- – with our schools, welcome parties and retreats
  • Belong here – with our weekly services and discipleships